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5:32 PM 3/9/2001 Created Use Case Diagram and Conceptual Diagram
11:28 PM 3/12/2001 Updated Conceptual Diagram
12:00 PM 3/16/2001 Updated Updated UML Diagrams 5 screens. scroll to bottom to move to next one.

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If you are interested in helping then please email me the responses to these quesitons:

Where are you currently located?

If you available for phone conversations M-F 9-5 Do you have Yahoo Instant Messager? What is your Screen name?
My SN is verma2000 If you donít have one I really suggest getting one. It makes communicating easier. Do you know how to use CVS?
Do you have a sourceforge account? If not you should get one.
what is your sourceforge id?
What kind of development software do you use? What motivates you to participate in this project?

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